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Nature is indeed the best teacher, carrying important life lessons in every drop of seawater, gust of wind, and the many friends we can find deep within the oceans.  Seakola’s team are here to emphasize the sea’s vast knowledge

Each with their own backgrounds related to marine conservation and education, as well as a deep passion of the sea, our team is composed of the best people dedicated to create the best learning experience for our Seakola students

Diandra Hadi


Every time I go into the ocean - be it is sailing, diving, surfing - I am always humbled and cannot help but reflect how tiny we are in this grand scheme of the universe.  How weird and unbelievable it is how as humans, we always feel that the world revolves around us and exists only for our benefit

I thought to myself, if only people could see what I see, how beautiful the world, especially the underwater world really is.  Everyone would fall in love and each take their part to care and to protect this beautiful planet we are lucky to call home  

In Seakola, we invite you to get to know our ocean deeper, but more importantly, we invite you to explore another aspect of the planet and have an exciting adventure together with fellow students that you will cherish forever

Let's set our sail, sailors.  May we will always be able to celebrate both the tranquil breeze and the stormy seas in this journey of life

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Beata Mirecka-Jakubowska

Educational Advisor

  • A passionate educator with 30+ years of experience in international schools

  • Enthusiast of active learning to seamlessly integrate technology, personalize learning, and foster intercultural understanding

  • An active implementer of innovative EdTech tools

  • Champion of Growth Mindset and lifelong learning skills to help all Gens navigate the rapidly-changing world of the digital era

  • Founder of a global educational consulting company Intercultural Education Consulting Group

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Tenia Puspalestari


  • Environmental engineer graduate from ITB

  • Founder and director of Divers Clean Action

  • Asia’s Forbes 30 under 30

  • BBC’s 100 Most Influential Women

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Femke den Haas


  • Animal welfare activist for over 20 years

  • Founder of Jakarta Animal Aid Network

  • Founder and director of Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project Indonesia and the first dolphin rehabilitation center in the world

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Nicholas Kouvaras

Head Coach

  • Freediver & sailor for over 40 years

  • Freediving Master Instructor

  • Ex-Greek National Freediving team member

  • AIDA Greece founding member

  • Highly accomplished underwater photographer & videographer


Maula Nadia


  • Marine Scientist

  • Fish observer in reef health monitoring programs in Sumbawa (NTT) and Seram Seas (Maluku)

  • Co Founder of Elasmobranch Project Indonesia

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Fadli Jaka


  • Marine Scientist

  • Lead the marine conservation programs in Bawah Reserve, Anambas Islands for 5 years

  • Fish observer in reef health monitoring program in Missol, Raja Ampat

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